Scholarship Opportunities

The TNHTA Foundation (THEF) began its scholarship program to recognize students who are furthering their education in the hospitality and tourism industry and who are excelling in study, work, and related school activities. THEF's mission is to equip the next generation of hospitality and tourism professionals with the skills they need to succeed in the industry.

The purpose of the THEF scholarships is to present academic awards to students who are recognized by their faculty for academic achievement and for their contributions to the hospitality and tourism program at their school. The scholarships are given to the school in the name of the student to be used for tuition, books, and other related expenses of their education.

2023 Scholarship Recipients:

1) Tessa Wallace - $5,000 - A Marshall Hospitality (Middle Tennessee State University)

2) Ashley Whitley - $5,000 - Gibson Hospitality Venturers (Walters State Community College)

3) Sandra Lewis - $3,000 - Vision Hospitality Group (Chattanooga State Community College)

4) Monica Cervantes - $3,000 (Nossi College of Art & Design)

5) Daniel Latimer - $3,000 (University of Memphis)

6) Glenn Bland - $3,000 (University of Memphis, Kemmons Wilson Culinary Institute)

7) Ian Morrison - $2,500 (Walters State Community College)

8) Lauren Marshall - $2,500 ( David Lipscomb University)

9) Rosemarie Poplin - $2,500 (University of Tennessee) 

A. Marshall Hospitality Scholarship Winner - $5,000
Jahsi Jacobs
Pigeon Forge High School
Pictured L to R: Andy Marshall, Jashi Jacobs, Jan Marshall

Gibson Hospitality Ventures Scholarship Winner - $5,000
Ella Hutchins
Walters State Community College
Pictured L to R: Ella Hutchins, Michael Gibson

Humanist Hospitality Group Scholarship Winner - $3,000
Adam Goode
Lebanon High School
Pictured L to R: Wayne Smith, Bascha Satin, Adam Goode, Lindsay Morgan

HTEF Scholarship Winner - $3,000
Jordan Balton
Lipscomb University
Pictured Clockwise from Top Left: Wayne Smith, Beth Marrow, Jordan Balton

HTEF Opportunity Scholarship Winner - $2,000
Kaley Hardin
Pigeon Forge High School
Pictured L to R: Kaley Hardin, Wayne Smith

HTEF Opportunity Scholarship Winner - $2,000
Rosemarie Poplin
University of Tennessee
Pictured L to R: Wayne Smith, Rosemarie Poplin, Sara Beth Urban

HTEF Opportunity Scholarship Winner - $2,000
Tea Goodmanson
Belmont University
Pictured Clockwise from Upper Left: Tea Goodmanson, Kenny Jordon, Wayne Smith